3D CAD software dedicated to digital orthodontics

Treatment planning


Data import
STL files lab scanner intra oral scanner


Preparing the Setup Positioning of the sagittal/occlusal plane
Automatic tooth segmentation
Automatic IP rebuild
Automatic recognition of axes and characteristic points


Virtual Setup
Definition of the ideal arc
Inter-proximal reduction
Reconstruction of the gum
Dynamic occlusion map
Intuitive dental movements


Creating templates
Hollow or full model automatic engraving precise gingiva automatic file inspection and repair

All-automatic process

Your models ready to be printed in 10 min.

Detecting the shape of the Ark
1 min: file import
Gum identification
2 min: preparing the Setup
Tooth segmentation
4 min: virtual Setup generation

Reconstruction of virtual roots
 3 min: Creating models

Our solution with aligners

By subscribing to our solution, you have the Orthup software, the digital solution dedicated to the design of invisible gutters for orthodontics and that gives you flexibility at the heart of your patient's treatment.

Discover all its significant advantages:

Managing changes in the plan

After 5 aligners the rotation of a tooth that expresses poorly, the user can either perform an over-correction from step 6, or put a point of over-pressure through a negative cleat.

Another example, always after 5 aligners, slow the speed of movements because the patient complains of pain... or the opposite when expressing a sense of "floating".

This first point is the major differentiator of our solution. If it is rather simple to start a case, it is impossible for practitioners to make even minor changes after calculating numerical models.

Orth'up offers dental practitioners/laboratories the ability to modify certain elements of the treatment plan to adapt to the evolution of treatment over time (without intermediate impression).

Automatic cleats integration

Automated base production

Integration on the model from the analysis of movements and clinical rules.

Depending on the complexity of the movements and the tooth considered, the system is able to position one or more stoppers (positive or negative).

From a treatment plan, adaptation of the gum according to the position of the teeth, generation of a soclée base, engraving, control of the quality of the data and export to the printer.

Identification and segmentation of teeth

Highlighting of the different contacts

Automated task by Orthup, the system calculates the curve of the arch, identifies the gum and then segmenting the teeth without needing to define the medials and distal points on each of the teeth. 

Occlusals, mesial/distal contacts in real time when moving teeth. Visualization of interferences from 2D and 3D sections for optimized meshing adjustment.

Making a setup in a few clicks

Digital reports

Based on an optimized arcade shape and the ability to define the line of the smile.

Customizable and detailing the stages of the treatments with the differences movements, the positioning of the cleats and the stripping.

USmile technology

Orthup also offers smile-on-patient simulation thanks to USmile technology.

Demo videos

Creating alignment gutters in the lab

Model Builder