Scan your models with speed and precision with the imetric range

A powerful technology

Based on decades of experience in industrial metrology, Imetric 3d SA has developed a new, affordable and accurate scanning system for the dental market

3 versions to satisfy you

Imetric L2 scanner:

The 3d dental Scanner L1 is used for standard indications such as crowns and bridges, partial and dental prostheses, inlays/onlays.

Imetric L1m scanner:

The L2 version is also capable of digitizing implant models for the production of custom pillars and multi-implant restorations. The L2 version provides a scan speed of 15s instead of 30s.

Imetric L2i scanner:

The L2i version is the latest version of the scanner for optimum accuracy, reduced scan time and professional results.

More Occlusion Models

The new 3D dental scanner L2 allows an adapter to transfer exactly the position of the models in the virtual articulator module of Exocad. Calibrate your articulators and models without the need to put the models into occlusion.

Fast, practical and precise!