Improve implantology with guided surgery

Why use surgical guides?

During an implant installation, several requirements are to be met to achieve the desired result and to ensure a complete safety of your gesture. The use of a surgical guide will allow you to satisfy your requirements, to improve your results in terms of aesthetics, placement of implants, but also to secure your gesture and make it reproducible.

The use of a surgical guide will allow to avoid the risk of collision of the bit with another tooth, as drilling will perfectly respect the planning and guarantee a secure installation between the roots.

Benefits for your patients

Minimally invasive surgery

Best operating suites:

  • pain reduction and post-operative inflammation
  • reducing hemorrhagic and infectious risks
  • increased healing speed

Better communication with the patient through prosthetic prototyping

The benefits for you

Anticipating anatomic obstacles

Saves time when designing and manufacturing guides.
2H in digital versus 24h/48h in traditional

Reduction of surgeon stress and improvisation

Produce your surgical guides in a Cabinet in 2H only

Scan of the footprint

Design of the guide


Post-Traitement 15min


Guiding the guide

Passage of the guide forest

Implant pose

The initial investment is justified by an increased quality of work, as well as an economy on implant analyses and the realization of surgical guides.

Long-term sustainability of the firm

  • Evolutionary system
  • Strong return on investment
  • Differential positioning towards your colleagues
  • Productivity Gain
  • Patient Impact Guaranteed
  • Improving the current environment and procedures
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