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Our philosophy

3D TOTEM is a player in the digital transition that takes into account the development of its customers.

We take great care of the relationship with our customers and partners. You are placed at the heart of our activities and 3D TOTEM brings you a strong commitment in terms of service.

Our services

piece of advice

Already in the reflection phase of your equipment project, our sales team can, depending on your request, go to your home, on the spot, to discuss it, you provide theoretical and practical answers. By analysing the way you work and projecting us in your place we advise you in the best way.


In practice, our production teams are at your disposal to carry out not one, but a series of tests around your files. It is even possible to test our solutions at home for 15 days. We are convinced that it is by recreating your working conditions that we will find the solution made for you.


Once convinced, our field team goes to your home again, this time to properly install the machine, train the operator in software, machine and 3D in general. We have a habit of saying that we do not leave as long as you have questions, even if you have to come back the next morning.

Each case, each mouth, is different, we take into account, during this installation, your most common cases in order to adapt the machine to the closest to your reality.

Even after several weeks or months of use, we can continue to adapt the solution to your needs by customizing the settings.


Behind the scenes, our production teams work tirelessly to optimize solutions but also to innovate. In particular, we offer new resins, innovative new software solutions through our newsletters... We can even adapt third-party materials to your equipment on demand.

For you, we're going even further. Throughout our relationship we provide you with 3 levels of help.


First, via access to an internet platform to help solve possible problems.


If this is not enough, we offer a hotline service with dedicated advisors based on our premises. They are responsive and help you remotely to move forward.


Finally, in case our remote help is not sufficient, we send a person to your company to resolve any problems.


Guaranteed levels we are not left out. We are able to insure our machines for up to 5 years! But beyond the machines, it is your productions that we insure. Either by the troubleshooting machine loan, or by taking charge of the production of your parts.


Another last 3D TOTEM advantage? We offer you the possibility to evolve your equipment and this over the duration of your contract. So you stay in touch with the latest innovations and therefore remain competitive in the long run.


  • Ready to use

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Flexible

We set the eye out for dental professionals and help you develop your production capacity through3D printing and our dedicated solutions.

We have compared, assembled, configured and tested the equipment for your business. 

Let yourself be seduced by our offer that will bring you an increased production speed and high precision. All this in a practical and simple solution of getting started.

Enjoy our services included

Delivered and configured

A specialist of our team moves, installs and configures your equipment ordered directly at your home, for your greater comfort.

1 day of training

After installation, we offer you 1 day of on-site training to help you take charge of the equipment while answering all your questions.

Assistance and troubleshooting

3D Totem does not leave you alone! A question, a problem, contact us and we will respond quickly and actively.

One year warranty

For uninterrupted production even in case of breakdown, we take over and make your impressions in short time of repair.

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